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Division by zero & what is infinity?

“You can’t divide a number by 0” how many times have you heard this? Don’t you think that even the seemingly impossible can actually be possible? Let’s think of zero as a really small number, like 0.0000000000001; we are going to divide by a much bigger number, like 100, until we get to our new “definition” of zero. Let’s first see what 1 divided by 0 is equal to by using the approach I have just mentioned. 1/100=0.01 1/50=0.02 1/10=0.1 1/5=0.2 1/1=1 1/0.5=2 1/0.1=10 1/0.01=100 1/0.001=1000 1/0.0001=10000 1/0.00001=100000 You can… Read more Division by zero & what is infinity?